Looking for bungee shock cord elasticated luggage straps, then look no further.  Our bungee shock cord luggage straps are made our of 8mm and 10mm bungee shock cord with a metal hook on each end. They can be used for elastic luggage bungee straps and also for securing tarpaulins and covers. They are available in different sizes including 40cm's, 60cm's, 80cm's, 100cm's and 150cm's.  The straps are adjustable by moving the hooks up and down the bungee cord.

We also supply flat bungee straps with a width of 22mm complete with metal hooks in various lengths to suit.

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8mm Blue Bungee Cord Strap x 80cm With Reverse Hook

Price: £1.20 (£1.44 Inc. VAT)
10mm Bungee Cord Luggage Strap x 150cm

Price: £1.48 (£1.78 Inc. VAT)
8mm Red Bungee Cord Strap x 150cm With Reverse Hook

Price: £1.50 (£1.80 Inc. VAT)
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