Tug Of War Ropes

Here at Timko Ltd we manufacture and supply numerous tug of war ropes for sale in various diameters and lengths made from both natural fibre rope such as sisal and manila but also from synthetic ropes such as synthetic hemp and staple spun polypropylene which are soft to handle.

Whether you're using your tug o war rope for fun such as at a Summer fete, School sports day, team building & corporate days or for a official tug of war association competition game we carry a huge stock catering for all.  

We make our tug of war ropes using either a natural fibre rope such as sisal rope or manila rope and also synthetic hemp rope and polypropylene staple spun rope.  Each tug of war rope are great looking with full markings and have taped ends to stop the rope from fraying and also a centre-start marker to determine the winning team.  We make them in various diameters from 20mm which are more suited for kids and children all the way upto 36mm for a proper tug of war association game.  Length's of the ropes are 5m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 15m, 20m, 23m, 25m, 30m and 36m

Whilst The Tug Of War Association has specific rules regarding the diameter and length of a official competition rope, most of the time these won't be important as it is just a fun event for most people.  Delivery is 1-2 working days but we can also offer a next day delivery service.

» Tug of War Ropes
Economical 20mm Tug of War Rope x 5m For Children
Price£13.00 (£15.60 Inc. VAT)
24mm Natural Manila Tug of War Rope x 5m
Price£13.25 (£15.90 Inc. VAT)
Economical 24mm Tug of War Rope x 5m For Sale
Price£16.00 (£19.20 Inc. VAT)
Economical 28mm Tug o War Rope x 5m With Markings
Price£20.00 (£24.00 Inc. VAT)
Economical 20mm Tug a War Rope x 8m For Kids
Price£20.80 (£24.96 Inc. VAT)
32mm Manila Tug of War Rope x 5m
Price£23.30 (£27.96 Inc. VAT)
Economical 24mm Tug of War Rope x 8m
Price£25.60 (£30.72 Inc. VAT)
Economical Buy 32mm Tug of War Rope x 5m
Price£25.75 (£30.90 Inc. VAT)
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