Braided Nylon Cord

Our braided woven nylon twine, cord or string are available in 1kg spools.  They come in a range of diameters including 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm and are 16 plait construction.  Supplied in coloured white, black, green, blue, red, yellow and purple.  These soft synthetic braided (plaited) cords can be used for hundreds of different applications at work or for at home including hanging pictures up, blind cords, craft, pull cord, kite lines, purse nets, starter cords, long nets, fox nets and drag lines.  Our braided nylon twine is a very strong and rotproof twine.

Below are the approx breaking strains for our braided nylon cord:

  • 2mm - 140kg
  • 3mm - 190kg
  • 4mm - 375kg
  • 5mm - 525kg
  • 6mm - 670kg

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6mm Black Braided Nylon Pull Cord

Price: £11.50 (£13.80 Inc. VAT)
6mm White Braided Nylon Craft Cord

Price: £11.50 (£13.80 Inc. VAT)
5mm Black Braided Nylon Cord Woven

Price: £11.70 (£14.04 Inc. VAT)
5mm Strong White Braided Nylon Cord

Price: £11.70 (£14.04 Inc. VAT)
4mm Black Braided Nylon Blind Cord

Price: £11.90 (£14.28 Inc. VAT)
4mm White Braided Nylon Cords

Price: £11.90 (£14.28 Inc. VAT)
3mm Black Braided Coloured Nylon Cord

Price: £12.40 (£14.88 Inc. VAT)
3mm Blue Braided Nylon Cord

Price: £12.40 (£14.88 Inc. VAT)
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