Timko Ltd is considered to be one of the largest rope and twine suppliers in the UK.

Founded by Daniel and Timothy Macguire some 10 years ago, Timko was set up to offer the general public with the best quality ropes and twines that the World has to offer at a fraction of the cost of the over-priced marine shops.

As boat owners and passionate sailors, the founders of ropesandtwines.com found themselves wishing there was one place that, as boaters, sailors and watersports enthusiasts, they could come to find all of their rope needs, and at a price that suited their wallets!

www.ropesandtwines.com is a dynamic, enthusiastic and customer driven rope and twine company located in Kelsall, just outside of Chester, in the North-West of England with over 10 years experience in rope retail and distribution.

We are always working on our website and improving our products. We work very hard to ensure your experience using our website is enjoyable but if there is something that you would like us to change or add, please contact us.

We are constantly evolving the business so all comments and feedback are welcome and will be taken on board.

We are based near Chester in Cheshire, for more information please visit Visit Chester