Bungee Cord

Timko Ropes Elastic Bungee Shock Cord (bungie, bungy) Stretch Cords Rope is built to withstand the toughest environments.  Years of development have produced a quality engineered durable flexible braided Elastic Bungee Cord / Shock Cord Rope string that will consistently allow better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine, tent, tarp, glider, trampoline & industrial applications.  We supply this in colored green, yellow, solid white, grey, neon yellow, red, solid black, blue, white with a blue fleck and olive or nato green (military) in 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm either by the metre or on a bulk 50m or 100m plastic reel or spool.

  • Premium quality marine grade rubber core to ensure minimum 100% stretch characteristic
  • PP High tenacity polypropylene with added UV protection with a fine braided plait smooth construction (abrasion resistant)
  • Long life wear resistance to abrasion and UV degradation (UV Stable)
  • Not affected by water.
  • Waterproof & Wear-Resistant.

Did you know we also sell a full range of bungee cord accessories, fittings and assemblies to go with our bungee shock cord.  Please see our bungee cord accessories page for more details.

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3mm Black Elastic Bungee Shock Cord Rope

Price: £0.20 (£0.24 Inc. VAT)
4mm Black Bungee Shock Elastic Cord

Price: £0.27 (£0.32 Inc. VAT)
5mm Black Bungee Elastic Shock Cord

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
6mm Neon Yellow Bungee Cord

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
6mm Olive Green Military Bungee Shock Cord

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
6mm Black Bungee Shock Cord Rubber Rope

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
6mm Blue Bungee Shock Cords

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
6mm Green Tent Shock Cord

Price: £0.30 (£0.36 Inc. VAT)
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