The Battling Ropes System is a complete strength and conditioning program like no other. The Battling Ropes System was created and developed by John Brookfield.

Battle ropes are the perfect addition for your equipment at your gym or club, they are an effective and versatile piece of training equipment suitable for HIIT training and strength and conditioning. You and your clients will love using the battle rope for an addition to your training, a station on your circuit, a great finisher or just to take outside with your crossfit class.

Battling Ropes are an intense workout, but they are easy to learn or use. The most common exercises people use are making waves and slams, when you are using total body flexion and extension as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance. Waves can be varied in nearly infinite combinations of a wide range of elements.

These Black Double-Braided Polyester Battling Fitness Ropes are the most popular Battling Fitness Rope in our range. They are made through a special double-braiding process that creates a incredibly strong and long lasting rope. They are very soft and comfortable to grip and will not shed any fibres. Each Battling Fitness Rope comes with vinyl handles stitched to each end and a nylon guard in the middle to protect the rope and to prevent fray. Our carefully selected ropes will help to improve your fitness, stamina and strength through a series of exercises.  You will not find a higher quality Battling Fitness Rope on the market anywhere else.

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