These duplex woven polyester webbing slings have soft eyes on each end of the sling and are designed to bear heavy loads and lift them safely.  They are also known as lifting straps/strops, belt slings, polyester lifting slings, flat slings, flat webb lifting slings and belt webbing slings.  Polyester is soft to touch and therefore is less likely to cause damage to the goods when they are being used.  Polyester slings are much lighter than both wire rope or chain slings and therefore this type of lifting sling is much easier to handle.  Different colours are used for different working load limits for easy identification.  They are extremely tough, lightweight and flexible which reduces shock while loading.  We produce these in 1 tonne, 2 tonne, 3 tonne, 4 tonne & 5 tonne ranging from 1m to 5m lengths.  The basic advantages of using polyester webbing slings are:

  • No risk of injury to the operator
  • Convenient Storage
  • Long Life
  • High Wear Resistance
  • Problem-Free Operation
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