LED Rope Lights

Christmas LED Rope lights provide instant decoration and are incredible versatile and practical.  LED Rope lights can be used to decorate any occasion.  They come in a range of colour's from blue, red, white, green, yellow, pink & golden with a multi-action (16 function) outdoor IP44 rated controller attached in various metre lengths such as 6 or 8 metre's long.  LED Rope lights are flexible and can be twisted to any desired shape as a result they can be used for literally hundreds of applications.

They can be used indoor's or outdoor's and look great when stretched in a single line on buildings, across the garage, on tree's and bushes, along roof lines, pergola, shed or fence.  But why stop there?  LED Rope lights can be easily wrapped around banister rails, around columns and along stairways meaning that they require no other fixtures or fittings to hang them.

Rope Light
  • Write your name or create your design.
  • Bulbs remain lit even if one should fail.
  • Simple and fast illumination.
  • Extra long life LEDs energy efficient bulbs.

Another use for LED rope lights is to use them to create your own designs and patterns.  You can fix the lights to either a horizontal, vertical or sloped surface and twist them to create snowmen, Santa's/Father Christmas, angel's, snowflakes, reindeers and of course anything to do with Christmas and New Year.

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