Twine Suppliers

Sisal Twines
All our sisal twine are available in large spools, all are centre pull and are available in different lengths and thicknesses.

2 Ply sisal twine large spool - used as a packaging twine, containing 750 metres of twine per ball.

3 Ply sisal twine spool - packaging twine ranging from 165 metres to 500 metres of twine per ball.

Polypropylene Twines
We have the largest selection of polypropylene twines on the net.  Polypropylene twines are suitable for many tying applications but can also be used for all kinds of various applications.  Polypropylene twines are available in large, medium and small spools ranging from 1400 metres per kilogram to 130 metres per kilogram.  These can either be bought separately or in either bags of 20, 8 and 4.  Each spool is individually shrink-wrapped to maximise the life of the spool and to protect it from the environment.

Baler Twines
All our baler twine are manufactured from a single tape, using only the highest quality raw materials.  This guarantees a precise & uniform twist in the twine.  We supply the full range of baler twines from fine size baler twine which is used on small roto balers and binders, to super hesston baler twine which is ideal for big balers.  We also supply hay twine and medium twine which is used for haymaking and on all modern high density conventional pick-up balers.