Gym Climbing Ropes

Our gym climbing ropes are excellent for improving your overall fitness and body strength.  They come complete with a galvanised steel thimble hand spliced one end with a 16mm bow shackle for a heavy duty fixing.  They are made out of either a 3-strand polyhemp rope which is a synthetic rope made to look a natural fibre rope or a 4-strand natural hemp rope which is a natural fibre rope.  They are available in either 28mm, 32mm & 36mm from 5m upto 15m.

Using our gym climbing ropes is very simple.  In fact it is one of the simplest exercises you will come across.  Rope climbing has been used for an exercise for centuries dating back hundred's of years to Ancient Greece.  Even back then they knew that rope climbing was one of the most effective ways to strengthen the entire body and develop functional strength.

With our gym climbing ropes it will be like going back to school, practicing climbing to the top in your PE classes.  You can now add rope climbing back into your routine and watch your strength levels take off like a rocket.  Whether for gymnasiums, wrestling clubs, military bases, climbing gyms or you just want to use them at home, you'll want to climb with the very best climbing rope in the game.  Our gym climbing ropes are made out of superior quality 3-strand polyhemp and 4-strand hemp rope and come complete with a galvanised steel thimble and 16mm bow shackle which makes installation a piece of cake.

Training With Gym Climbing Ropes

Whether you train at your local gym with your Personal Trainer or at home in your basement here is just a brief list of the exercises you can do with your climbing ropes.

  • Shrugs
  • Tricep press-downs
  • Hammer curls
  • Pull-down into tricep extension

  • Supination curls
  • Front or side raises
  • Right and left twists
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Pulling & Dragging
  • Climbing with your feet
  • Climbing without your feet

  • Climbing with two ropes
  • Climbing upside down
  • One and two-arm hangs
  • Laybacks
  • Pull-ups
  • Pull-downs
  • Rows

This list is by no means exhaustive and keep in mind that almost all of these exercises  can be done with one or two arms, giving you an endless supply of variations to keep your workout fresh.  As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use ropes to become stronger besides climbing.

Our gym climbing ropes are very popular with colleges, universities, schools, gym classes, wrestling teams and military bases, among others.

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