Anchor Rope

Anchor ropes are predominately made out of nylon rope.  Nylon is used for anchor ropes as it is extremely good at absorbing shock loads and it has the ability to return to it's original length after being stretched.  When using an anchor rope you should consider these important points:

  • Make sure the anchor rope is attached to a large buoy and the boat is tied to the anchor rope with a quick release mechanism. This will ensure that if you need to depart in a hurry, you can do so quickly.
  • Choose a depth where you have sufficient chain and rope to allow four times the depth at high water if using a chain only, and six times the depth if a combination of chain and rope is used. Always use the chain at the anchor end. It will help the anchor to 'dig in' and not drag.
  • Look for a sandy or muddy bottom. That will provide the best holding ground. Rocks, stones and shingle will not hold so well.

We hold a vast range of anchor ropes in stock in various diameters and lengths all ready spliced with a stainless steel thimble on one end and a soft eye splice on the other

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