Battling Ropes

Our Battling Ropes are made out of double-braided black polyester rope that creates a very soft and extremely strong rope.  They are available in 35mm & 40mm in various lengths.  Our battling ropes are very comfortable to hold onto and will not shed like manila ropes, making them ideal to use indoors or outdoors.  They have an excellent strength ratio and are heavy ropes to use.  All our battling ropes come standard with heavy duty vinyl handles on both ends.  These are attached by using both extra adhesive and also stitching between the vinyl and rope.  Also our battling ropes have a heavy duty nylon fabric sewn into the centre of the rope to help prevent fray when doing your exercises.  You will not find a higher quality battling rope anywhere else.

Our 35mm battling rope is black with a red fleck and our 40mm battling rope is black with a green fleck.  Please see images below.

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