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Outdoor Oak Wooden Swing
Hand carved in the UK from Green oak, this beautiful wood garden swing will look amazing in anybody's garden. The green oak is chosen for it's longevity & ease of maintenance and will age beautifully if left outside, naturally silvering over time & may even cup or twist slightly, which will add to its unique character. The standard or 'uncarved' swing has a natural plain finish but we also offer a version with the phrase 'Just a Bit of Fun' carved into the facia. Available in 3 kits depending on the diameter of your bough. This swing is superbly engineered and is very straight-forward to install. All you need to do is chose a bough that is strong enough & level & between 8 feet or 2.5 metres & 15 feet or 5 metres from the ground, then loop the spliced hempex rope around it. The seat itself is supplied with 2 x 5 metre lengths of Hempex rope which is spliced & securely knotted-off under either side of the seat. You then simply thread the ends of each of these 5 metre lengths through the open loop hanging down from each of your bough loops & double it back on itself. Next, you level-up your seat & secure the lengths by tightening the heavy duty metal clamps (2 for each rope) & cut-off any excess rope and heat seal the rope ends with a lighter to seal them & to stop them from fraying.