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Bruce Style Anchor
The bruce style anchor or claw anchor was orginally designed for offshore gas and drilling rigs. The anchor is constructed of high-grade steel cast in a single piece. The bruce anchor sets effortlessly and holds in a variety of sea beds and stows easily on the bow roller of most boats.


  • Manufactured from high grade steel
  • Suitable for use on various sea beds
  • Single piece cast
  • Bow roller storable
  • High Holding Power
  • Low breakout force


Danforth Style Anchor
The Danforth anchor is probably the most popular amongst boaters. The Danforth is quickly identified by its two long, sharp pivoting flukes and long shank. The Danforth is mostly used by boaters with small to medium sized boats. The anchor isnít very heavy, itís small so it stores away easily. It bites into the seabed within seconds. Constructed of high resistance galvanised steel.


  • Instant biting into the sea bed
  • To avoid clogging by pebbles, the Danforth has no link cage
  • Thin flukes with sharp edges ensures quick digging even in the hardest sea beds
  • High resistance shank, cast in one piece gives perfect resistance even to a strong lateral pull



Folding Jet Ski & Dinghy Anchor
Always popular with all boatowners, this traditional style of folding anchor is heavily galvanised, easy to fold and unfold, and suitable for tenders, dinghies, jetski's, RIB's etc. It is an excellent performing anchor with easy stowage.