Bungee and shock cord plastic coated metal spiral hook ends.  These thick spiral metal hooks offer a great solution to maing up your own bungee luggage straps, tie-downs and all manner of fittings made to the excact length that you require.  These metal hooks are suitable for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm bungee shock cord.

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» Bungee/Shock Cord Metal Hooks
6mm Black Metal Bungee Cord Hook
Price£0.27 (£0.32 Inc. VAT)
8mm Black Metal Bungee Cord Hook
Price£0.33 (£0.40 Inc. VAT)
10mm Black Metal Bungee Cord Hook
Price£0.40 (£0.48 Inc. VAT)
100 Pack - Steel Hog Rings For 8mm-10mm Bungee Cord
Price£15.75 (£18.90 Inc. VAT)