2 x 14mm Red Polysoft 3-Strand Boat Mooring Ropes/Warps/Lines Large Soft Eye One End

2 x 14mm red pre-spliced 3 strand polysoft mooring warps / lines with one large soft eye hand spliced at one end approx 10" inches. This polysoft rope has a high stretch characteristic that makes this line extremely good at absorbing shock loads. Ideal for mooring lines. Suitable for all boats, yachts and canal narrow boats. Please choose your length from the options above. Price is for a pair of ropes.

Softline or polysoft ropes are an excellent choice for mooring.  They have a high stretch characteristic which makes the rope very good at absorbing shock loads

  • Water Resistant, floats on water & zero absorption
  • Professionally Spliced
  • High Strength & abrasion resistance
  • Easily Handled
  • Excellent Knotability
  • Resistant to UV Radiation
  • Resistant in chemically active environments
  • Excellent insulation capacity
  • Working Temperature - in environments up to 80c (softening temperature 140c, melting temperaure 170c)
  • Full range of colours including yellow, red, navy blue, royal blue, black & white to compliment your boats, yacht & canal narrowboats hull
  • Rope Breaking Strain - Approx 3,280Kg
Price: £19.00 (£22.80 Inc. VAT)
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