» Polyester Rope
3 strand polyester rope

Polyester is one of the most popular ropes in the boating industry. It is very close to nylon in strength but stretches very little and therefore cannot absorb shock loads as well. It is equally resistant as nylon to moisture and chemicals, but is superior in resistance to abrasions and sunlight. Good for mooring, rigging and industrial plant use, it is used as fish net and bolt rope, rope sling and alongside towing hawser.

Braid on Braid Polyester Rope

Braid on braid polyester rope. Good all round line, most suitable for halyards,reefing lines, flag pole rope, topping lift and all control lines. Non kinking, with abrasion resistant cover, High Strength, Excellent allround line and easy to splice. Cover: 16-plait out of 100% Polyester white with colour coding core: Low Stretch Quality plait out of 100% polyester, highly resilient.